Monographs Details: Guarea caulobotrys Cuatrec.
Authority: Pennington, Terence D. 1981. Meliaceae. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 28: 1-359, 418-449, 459-470. (Published by NYBG Press)
Description:Species Description - Leaves pinnate with a terminal bud, 34-40 cm long; petiole semiterete, rhachis terete, minutely appressed puberulous; petiolule 1-5 mm long. Leaflets 4 pairs, oblong, apex attenuate to obtusely cuspidate, base acute to obtuse, coriaceous, 28-35.5[33.7] cm long, 8.9-14.3[11.6] cm wide, upper surface with numerous small raised glands, lower surface uniformly sparsely puberulous to subglabrous, not glandular-punctate or -striate; venation eucamptodromous, midrib slightly sunken; secondaries 14-19 on either side of midrib, ascending, slightly arcuate, ± parallel; intersecondaries short, inconspicuous; tertiaries widely spaced, oblique, prominent below. Inflorescence cauliflorous, 9-25 cm long, racemose, puberulous; pedicel stout, ca. 1 mm long. Calyx cyathiform, ca. 2.5 mm long; calyx lobes 4, broadly ovate, obtuse, 0.5-1 mm long, sparsely appressed puberulous outside. Petals 4, valvate, 10 mm long (bud), 2.5 mm broad, oblong, apex acute, sericeous outside, glabrous inside. Staminal tube 8.5 mm long, 3.5 mm broad, with short emarginate lobes, glabrous; anthers 8, ca. 1.7 mm long. Nectary a stout stipe expanded below ovary, 2 mm long, glabrous. Ovary 4-locular, loculi with 2 superposed ovules, strigose; style stout, glabrous above. Capsule obovoid, shallowly but prominently 12-ribbed, rather rough, subglabrous, ca. 4 cm long, 4-valved, valves with 2 superposed seeds; pericarp ca. 3 mm thick. Seed ca. 1.51.8 cm long. Embryo with superposed cotyledons, radicle abaxial, extending to surface.


Distinguished from the other large-fruited Colombian species of Guarea by the fewer locules and the distinctive fruit. The minute raised glands on the upper leaflet surface are known elsewhere in only a few species (e.g. G. rhopalocarpa and G. macropetala).
Distribution:Colombia South America| Valle Colombia South America|