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Tolumnia guianensis (Aubl.) Braem A. H. Liogier 12659, 10 Sep 1968 Dominican Republic. La Hoya, Mata Yaya, on road from Las Matas to Bánica. 60356 Tolumnia guianensis (Aubl.) Braem
Tolumnia compressicaulis (Withner) Braem A. H. Liogier 11395, 24 May 1968 Dominican Republic. La Vega. Loma de la Sal, Jarabacoa. 60325 Tolumnia compressicaulis (Withner) Braem
Brassia maculata R.Br. D. Morris Jamaican Plants No. 6, s.d. Jamaica. Hanover Parish. Hanover. 168084 Brassia maculata R.Br.
Vanilla planifolia Andrews A. Duss 2080, 1880 & 1882 Martinique. Ajoupa, Bouillon. 02147692 Vanilla planifolia Andrews
Ponthieva racemosa (Walter) C.Mohr L. M. Andrews 794, 12 Feb 1970 Jamaica. Road from Pine Grove to Gordontown. 1287826 Ponthieva racemosa (Walter) C.Mohr
Epidendrum ciliare L. A. H. Liogier 10279, 28 Sep 1963 Puerto Rico. Bayamón. Near Bayamón. 56985 Epidendrum ciliare L.
Lophiaris maculata (Aubl.) Christenson Bro. Hioram 1983, 24 Jan 1918 Cuba. Potero to Confluente. 60427 Lophiaris maculata (Aubl.) Christenson
Spiranthes torta (Thunb.) Garay & H.R.Sweet N. L. Britton 6270 with F. S. Earle & P. Wilson, 02 Apr 1910 Cuba. La Habana. Vicinity of Guanabacoa: palm barren east of Guanabacoa. 167972 Spiranthes torta (Thunb.) Garay & H.R.Sweet
Encyclia bahamensis (Griseb.) Britton & Millsp. R. A. Howard 10276 with E. S. Howard, May 1948 Bahamas. Bimini. Easter Key. 56493 Encyclia bahamensis (Griseb.) Britton & Millsp.
Prosthechea fragrans (Sw.) W.E.Higgins T. G. Yuncker 19636, 11 Apr 1958 Jamaica. Bellvue. 56642 Prosthechea fragrans (Sw.) W.E.Higgins