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Cyathus striatus Pers. W. A. Murrill s.n., 28 Sep 1901 United States of America. N. Y. Bot. Garden. 1967969 Cyathus striatus Pers.
Cortinarius sublargus Murrill [illeg.] W. A. Murrill s.n., 16 Oct 1938 Sugarfoot [Gainesville, Florida?]. 01934531 Cortinarius sublargus Murrill [illeg.]
Favolaschia W. A. Murrill 1029 with W. Harris, January 12-14, 1909 Jamaica. Troy and Tyre, Cockpit Country. 01957228 Favolaschia
Coriolus W. A. Murrill 342 Mexico. Veracruz. Xalapa. 1936019 Coriolus
Bjerkandera W. A. Murrill s.n., s.d. 1752752 Bjerkandera
Coprinus brassicae Peck W. A. Murrill s.n., 15 Jun 1911 United States of America. New York. Bronx Co. 01932590 Coprinus brassicae Peck
Lepiota cretacea (Bull.) Mattir. W. A. Murrill s.n., 12 Jul 1907 02754056 Lepiota cretacea (Bull.) Mattir.
Trametes marianna (Pers.) Ryvarden W. A. Murrill s.n., 04 Jan 1945 Canal Zone. 02001062 Trametes marianna (Pers.) Ryvarden
Trametes maxima Mont. W. A. Murrill s.n., 17 Dec 1908 Jamaica. Blue Hole, Priestman's River and inland road towards Manchioneal. 2002599 Trametes maxima Mont.
Thelephoraceae W. A. Murrill s.n., December 12-20, 1909 Mexico. Jalapa. 1945400 Thelephoraceae
Leucoagaricus brunnescens (Peck) Bon W. A. Murrill s.n., 17 Jul 1915 2754919 Leucoagaricus brunnescens (Peck) Bon
Dasyscyphus W. A. Murrill 425 with E. L. Murrill Mexico. Tepeite Valley, near Guernavaca. 1481424 Dasyscyphus
Fabaceae W. A. Murrill s.n., 1910 Mexico. Colima. Tecoman. 01492981
Coprinus sterquilinus (Fr.) Fr. W. A. Murrill s.n., 22 Jun 1910 1932829 Coprinus sterquilinus (Fr.) Fr.
Dasyscyphus W. A. Murrill 458 with E. L. Murrill Mexico. Tepeite Valley, near Guernavaca. 1481425 Dasyscyphus
Gomphidius subroseus Kauffman W. A. Murrill s.n., 03 Sep 1911 1957506 Gomphidius subroseus Kauffman
Coriolus W. A. Murrill 422 Jamaica. Cinchona. 1936030 Coriolus
Serpula fugax (Fr.) P.Karst. W. A. Murrill s.n., 05 Jan 1909 Jamaica. Sir John Peak. 1929532 Serpula fugax (Fr.) P.Karst.
Armillaria mellea (Vahl:Fr.) P.Kumm. W. A. Murrill s.n., 20 Aug 1911 1997951 Armillaria mellea (Vahl:Fr.) P.Kumm.
Agaricus comptulus Fr. W. A. Murrill s.n., 20 Sep 1912 1979725 Agaricus comptulus Fr.