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Tolumnia guianensis (Aubl.) Braem

Taxon: Tolumnia guianensis (Aubl.) Braem

Collector: A. H. Liogier 12659, 10 Sep 1968

Location: Dominican Republic. La Hoya, Mata Yaya, on road from Las Matas to Bánica.

Type Status:

Barcode: 60356

Tolumnia compressicaulis (Withner) Braem

Taxon: Tolumnia compressicaulis (Withner) Braem

Collector: A. H. Liogier 11395, 24 May 1968

Location: Dominican Republic. La Vega. Loma de la Sal, Jarabacoa.

Type Status:

Barcode: 60325

Brassia maculata R.Br.

Taxon: Brassia maculata R.Br.

Collector: D. Morris Jamaican Plants No. 6, s.d.

Location: Jamaica. Hanover Parish. Hanover.

Type Status:

Barcode: 168084

Vanilla planifolia Andrews

Taxon: Vanilla planifolia Andrews

Collector: A. Duss 2080, 1880 & 1882

Location: Martinique. Ajoupa, Bouillon.

Type Status:

Barcode: 02147692

Ponthieva racemosa (Walter) C.Mohr

Taxon: Ponthieva racemosa (Walter) C.Mohr

Collector: L. M. Andrews 794, 12 Feb 1970

Location: Jamaica. Road from Pine Grove to Gordontown.

Type Status:

Barcode: 1287826

Epidendrum ciliare L.

Taxon: Epidendrum ciliare L.

Collector: A. H. Liogier 10279, 28 Sep 1963

Location: Puerto Rico. Bayamón. Near Bayamón.

Type Status:

Barcode: 56985

Lophiaris maculata (Aubl.) Christenson

Taxon: Lophiaris maculata (Aubl.) Christenson

Collector: Bro. Hioram 1983, 24 Jan 1918

Location: Cuba. Potero to Confluente.

Type Status:

Barcode: 60427

Spiranthes torta (Thunb.) Garay & H.R.Sweet

Taxon: Spiranthes torta (Thunb.) Garay & H.R.Sweet

Collector: N. L. Britton 6270 with F. S. Earle & P. Wilson, 02 Apr 1910

Location: Cuba. La Habana. Vicinity of Guanabacoa: palm barren east of Guanabacoa.

Type Status:

Barcode: 167972

Encyclia bahamensis (Griseb.) Britton & Millsp.

Taxon: Encyclia bahamensis (Griseb.) Britton & Millsp.

Collector: R. A. Howard 10276 with E. S. Howard, May 1948

Location: Bahamas. Bimini. Easter Key.

Type Status:

Barcode: 56493

Prosthechea fragrans (Sw.) W.E.Higgins

Taxon: Prosthechea fragrans (Sw.) W.E.Higgins

Collector: T. G. Yuncker 19636, 11 Apr 1958

Location: Jamaica. Bellvue.

Type Status:

Barcode: 56642