Specimen Details: Rhodocollybia pandipes Halling & J.L.Mata
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Title: f-196-00815440-01.jpg
Filed As:
Rhodocollybia pandipes Halling & J.L.Mata ( paratype )
All Determinations:
Rhodocollybia pandipes Halling & J.L.Mata det. R. E. Halling
Note: Examined by Juan Luis Mata TENN May, 2001

Costa Rica. Cartago. Palo Verde, ±4.5 km E of km 31 of Interamerican Highway, near town of Palo Verde. Alt. 1600 m. (5249 ft.)
R. E. Halling 7581, 29 May 1996
gregarious. Pileus 4-8 cm broad when expanded, subconic when young with incurved margin, becoming convex to plane with decurved to uplifted margin, greasy, glabrous, hygrophanous, light brown to brick red (7D-E7) when young, becoming light tan (6C6) with age and translucent striate at margin. Flesh thin, white, with mild odor and taste. Lamellae adnexed, crowded, white, thin and narrow, with even to serrate edges. Stipe 6-15 cm long, 4-7 mm broad, ±equal to slightly broader below, twisted fibrous but fragile, glabrous, white to a pale flesh color, frequently bent and sometimes compressed to cleft near the base and sometimes with superficial white mycelium over base, with hollow interior. With spore print. Phenology of specimen: Basidiomata.
Quercus oocarpa and Quercus sp. in mixed forest. on litter/soil.
Specimen Notes: Kodachrome: Y With spore print
NY Barcode: 00815440
GUID: b3dbbcf6-3ff5-43bd-a51b-67b0c268f9df
Coordinates: (9.7761, -83.945)

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