Specimen Details: Rhodocollybia pandipes Halling & J.L.Mata
Rhodocollybia pandipes
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f-196-00815438-05.jpg f-196-00815438-04.jpg f-196-00815438-03.jpg f-196-00815438-02.jpg f-196-00815438-01.jpg Rhodocollybia pandipes
Title: Rhodocollybia pandipes
Rights: Copyright Roy E. Halling
Description: Studio image REH7653, Cordillera Talamanca, Costa Rica
Filed As:
Rhodocollybia pandipes Halling & J.L.Mata ( paratype )
All Determinations:
Rhodocollybia pandipes Halling & J.L.Mata det. R. E. Halling
Note: Examined by Juan Luis Mata TENN May, 2001

Costa Rica. San José. Villa Mills, C.A.T.I.E. Experimental Forest of Villa Mills. Alt. 2880 m. (9449 ft.)
R. E. Halling 7653 with Ammirati, M. Mata, 09 Jun 1996
Pileus 4-7.5 cm broad, obtusely conic with incurved margin when young, becoming convex with a low umbo with age, finely radially fibrillose, buttery-greasy when moist, (6E8) overall at first, then just over disc and paler toward margin, eventually (6C5) with age and occasionally with pale yellow (drying in situ) and (6B5) overall with age. Flesh up to 5 mm thick, white, unchanging, with mild to pleasant odor and mild taste. Lamellae adnexed, very crowded, white at first, soon developing pale pink colors, thin and narrow, with even to uneven edges but not serrate. Stipe 6-15 cm long, 5-10 mm broad, nearly 2 cm broad at broadest part of base, terete to flattened, clavate with a pinched base at first, then subclavate and subradicating with the radicating portion tapering downward and characteristically bent and contorted, twisted fibrous, upper portion concolorous with young pileus at first, soon paler above then eventually overall, always white in radicating portion, subfibrillose-striate at first, soon scattered fine fibrils to subglabrous, with interior white, pithy and becoming hollow. With spore print.
Montane cloud forest. Quercus costaricensis. Gregarious. On soil.
Specimen Notes: Duplicate in USJ
NY Barcode: 00815438
GUID: aa1051cf-3bef-4ec8-9281-05cdaefae997
Coordinates: (9.55083, -83.6819)

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