Specimen Details: Rhodocollybia pandipes Halling & J.L.Mata
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Title: f-196-00815436-01.jpg
Filed As:
Rhodocollybia pandipes Halling & J.L.Mata ( paratype )
All Determinations:
Rhodocollybia pandipes Halling & J.L.Mata det. R. E. Halling
Note: Examined by Juan Luis Mata TENN May, 2001

Costa Rica. San José. San Gerardo, 1.5 km from Interamerican Highway on road toward San Gerardo. Alt. 2860 m. (9383 ft.)
R. E. Halling 7714 with Felsch, 09 Jun 1997
gregarious. Pileus 3-7 cm broad, convex when young becoming plano-convex to plane with a broad umbo, glabrous and greasy (opimous), dark brown (8F8) overall when young, soon fading at margin (4A4-3) but remaining dark brown to brown at the disc, eventually white at the margin but darker toward the disc, with margin when young, soon decurved. Flesh white, thin, unchanging, with ild odor and taste. Lamellae barely adnexed to subfree, very crowded, thin and narrow, white with a dull pinkish cast with age, with even to slightly uneven edges. Stipe 8-12 cm long, 5-9 mm broad, gradually becoming broader below, sometimes almost equal, but with characteristic sharp bend a sharp taper to a point, with a silky fibrillose to subfibrillose striate surface, twisted, white overall at first, then white above and browne (like pileus disc) below, white at sharply bent point, occasionally rhizomorphs that may be pinkish buff to white, with interior white, pithy, becoming hollow. With spore print. Phenology of specimen: Basidiomata.
Qurecus costaricensis. on soil.
Specimen Notes: Kodachrome: Y With spore print
NY Barcode: 00815436
GUID: da330678-fe9c-4c92-8848-d535bed6a347
Coordinates: (9.59639, -83.7986)

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