Specimen Details: Rhodocollybia pandipes Halling & J.L.Mata
Rhodocollybia pandipes
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Title: Rhodocollybia pandipes
Rights: Copyright Roy E. Halling
Description: Studio image REH7630, Cordillera Talamanca, Costa Rica
Filed As:
Rhodocollybia pandipes Halling & J.L.Mata ( isotype )
All Determinations:
Rhodocollybia pandipes Halling & J.L.Mata det. R. E. Halling
Note: Examined by Juan Luis Mata TENN May, 2001

Costa Rica. San José. La Chonta. S of Interamerican Highway through oak woods toward Laguna Chonta. Alt. 2400 m. (7874 ft.)
R. E. Halling 7630 with Ammirati, 06 Jun 1996
Pileus 2-6 cm broad, parabolic when young, then convex to plano-convex to plane, frequently with a low umbo, moist and hygrophanous, dark reddish brown overall at first, fading and then becoming dark reddish brown on disc with radiating reddish brown fibrils toward margin, giving the appearance of much grayer brown asema, typically remaining grayish reddish brown on disc with age. Flesh white, <=3 mm thick, unchanging, with pleasant odor and taste, but not idiosyncratic. Lamellae adnexed, very crowded, thin and narrow, white to (4A2-5A2), with even edges. Stipe 5-11 cm long, 5-10 mm broad, always becoming broader below (like butyracea) but then seemingly always with a curved and bent base that tapers to a contorted tip, fibrous, and twisted striate, pale reddish brown when young and moist, then white to concolorous with lamellae above more reddish to grayish brown below and white at the tapered, bent base, with interior pithy white and becoming hollow. With spore print.
Montane cloud forest. Quercus copeyensis, Q. seemanii, & Quercus rapurahuensis. Gregarious. On soil.
Specimen Notes: Duplicate in USJ
NY Barcode: 00815434
GUID: 762728b4-77d2-4a7a-9b7f-89f5ddf07eed
Coordinates: (9.6994, -83.9419)

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