Specimen Details: Tylopilus bulbosus Halling & G.M.Muell.
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Title: f-195-00560936-3.jpg
Filed As:
Tylopilus bulbosus Halling & G.M.Muell. ( isotype )
All Determinations:
Tylopilus bulbosus Halling & G.M.Muell. det. R. E. Halling

Costa Rica. San José. Dota. San Gerardo. ±5 km SW of Cerro de la Muerte, Albergue de Montaña, Savegre. Alt. 2200 m. (7218 ft.)
R. E. Halling 7362 with G. Mueller & B. Strack, 15 Oct 1994
Pileus 4.5-11 cm broad, convex to plano-convex, dry, tomentose when young, subtomentose to matted subtomentose with age, brown with decided purple tints (no exact match) at first, a grayish reddish brown (9D4) with age, developing dark brown spots with age; margin beveled and remaining so for some time. Flesh white, changing very slowly and erratically to a pale pinkish brown, up to 2 cm thick, with pungent but non-idiosyncratic odor and mild taste. Tubes adnexed to depressed around the stipe, white when young, with a decided pinkish flesh tint (6-7A3) with age; pores with a very pale pinkish purple tint when young, soon concolorous with tubes, and staining a pale brown from injury, up to 1 mm broad. Stipe 9-13 cm long, 1-1.5 cm broad, clavate, usually curved, dry, pallid at apex and concolorous with pileus below when young, browner with age and always white at base, if reticulate, only at apex, otherwise pruinose to very minutely subscabrous-ridged (lens), with interior solid reacting as in pileus. (Also see Halling 7193 from this locality).
Quercus copeyensis, Q. seemanii. gregarious. soil.
Specimen Notes: Holtype in USJ
Other Numbers on this Specimen: ROYCOSTA 00294
NY Barcode: 560936
GUID: a0f2f407-c222-4971-8616-d8f9fbe14012
Coordinates: (9.5506, -83.8075)

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