Specimen Details: Rhodocybe umbrosa T.J.Baroni & Halling
Rhodocybe umbrosa ISOTYPE
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Isotype Rhodocybe umbrosa Rhodocybe umbrosa Rhodocybe umbrosa Rhodocybe umbrosa ISOTYPE
Title: Rhodocybe umbrosa ISOTYPE
Rights: Copyright by Roy E. Halling
Description: Studio image REH 7863, Las Tablas, Costa Rica
Filed As:
Rhodocybe umbrosa T.J.Baroni & Halling ( isotype )
All Determinations:
Rhodocybe umbrosa T.J.Baroni & Halling det. R. E. Halling, 09 Jul 1999

Costa Rica. Puntarenas. Coto Brus. Zona Protectora Las Tablas, sendero Higueron. Alt. 1380 m. (4528 ft.)
R. E. Halling 7863, 09 Jul 1999
See Halling 7813 (same general locality, 4 July 1998). Pileus 1.5-5 cm broad, obtusely conic to campanulate with an obtusely mammilate, low umbo, dry or moist, canescent and appressed fibrillose, in some the canescence making the surface subzonate, with even to uneven margin, light brown to brown (7-8E6), often light brown on umbo. Flesh thin, with mild odor and slightly unpleasant taste. Lamellae adnexed, close, pale pinkish gray to a caramel brown (6C5-4), with even to uneven edges. Stipe (3-)5-8 cm long, 2-4(-7) mm broad, equal, strict or curved, fibrous/cartilaginous, finely pruinose at apex, slightly silky fibrillose below, pinkish brown overall, white mycelium at base, interior pithy, becoming hollow. N.B. This is better material to function as type. Phenology of specimen: Basidiomata.
Mixed primary forest below Quercus sp. forest. Gregarious. On soil.
Specimen Notes: Duplicate (holotype) in INB
NY Barcode: 460477
GUID: 10bb75c7-d86d-431c-a354-b307cd5b1c80
Coordinates: (8.91444, -82.7806)

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