Specimen Details: Leccinum talamancae Halling, L.D.Gómez & Lannoy
Leccinum talamancae - Istotype
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f-195-00460926-4.jpg f-195-00460926-3.jpg f-195-00460926-2.jpg f-195-00460926-1.jpg Leccinum talamancae - Istotype Leccinum talamancae - Istotype
Title: Leccinum talamancae - Istotype
Rights: Copyright Roy E. Halling
Description: Studio image, REH 7239, La Chonta, Costa Rica
Filed As:
Leccinum talamancae Halling, L.D.Gómez & Lannoy ( isotype )
All Determinations:
Leccinum talamancae Halling, L.D.Gómez & Lannoy det. R. E. Halling, 07 Jun 1994

Costa Rica. San José. La Chonta. S of Interamerican Highway toward Cerro Chonta. Alt. 2400m. (7874 ft.)
R. E. Halling 7239 with T.J. Baroni, 07 Jun 1994
Pileus 4-8 cm broad, dry to moist, convex to plano-convex, dry to moist, even at first, soon rugulose then becoming rugulose and areolate, gray brown (6F6), becoming more caramel brown (6E6) with age, lacking a sterile margin. Flesh white, changing to pinkish in the cap, blue green in the stipe base, with mild odor and taste. Tubes depressed to deeply depressed around the stipe, up to 1.5 cm long, white at first, then a light brown (6D5), staining darker brown with exposure; pores up to 1 mm broad, concolorous with tubes, staining a dark reddish brown with bruising. Stipe 5-14 cm long, 1-2 cm broad, ±equal to subclavate, dry, scabrous, with gray scabers at first, these becoming black with age and more dense toward the base, finely subpruinose ridged above; interior white, solid, changing to pinkish above and blue green in the base. NH4 pale brown on pileus, bright grass green on blue stains in stipe context.
Montane cloud forest. Quercus copeyensis. Gregarious. On soil.
Specimen Notes: Holotype in USJ
NY Barcode: 460926
GUID: 38ce1e91-e2a7-406d-8571-9bb82fd1e46a
Coordinates: (9.6994, -83.9419)

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