Specimen Details: Rhodocybe mellea T.J.Baroni & Ovrebo
Rhodocybe mellea
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Rhodocybe mellea Rhodocybe mellea
Title: Rhodocybe mellea
Rights: Copyright by Roy E. Halling
Description: Studio image REH 6345, Las Tablas, Costa RIca
Filed As:
Rhodocybe mellea T.J.Baroni & Ovrebo
Costa Rica. Puntarenas. Canton Valle de Coto Brus, near San Vito, OTS Wilson Botanical Garden, West Side Trail.
R. E. Halling 6345, 09 Nov 1989
Pileus 2.5-5 cm broad, ñconvex with a sometimes flattened disc, dry to moist, apparently not hygrophanous, ±even to barely and faintly rugulose, especially between disc and margin; margin usually uneven and splitting without ornamentation, 6C8 when young and fresh, fading to 6C6 with age; flesh concolorous with the surface, up to 5 m thick, somewhat watery; odor pungent but not distinctive; taste somewhat unpleasant but not distinctive. Lamellae subdecurrent, close to crowded, white at first, near 6C4 with age, with numerous lamellulae but not in tiers, not marginate, often breaking crosswise with age. Stipe 3-6 cm long, 4-6 mm broad, ñequal, curved and/or bent, fibrous, pithy then hollow, central, dry, glabrous, but faintly pruinose/furfuraceous with a lens at apex, concolorous with cap throughout development, sometimeswith white rhizomorphs.
Mixed forest including oaks.
NY Barcode: 03028123
GUID: 6141a5c5-aa0d-44d4-bcc4-ca50c6ecd3d6
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