Specimen Details: Rhipsalis baccifera (J.S.Muell.) Stearn
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Title: 02341978.jpg
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Rhipsalis baccifera (J.S.Muell.) Stearn
Brazil. Pará. Tucuruí. Rio Caraipé, local da construção da ponte nova.
J. Revilla 8620 with F. E. Miranda, J. Ramos, E. Lima, A. Silva, 12-Oct-83
NY Barcode: 02341978
GUID: 96123146-4668-4019-8911-3e1114082074
Georeferencing Method: Georeferencing Quick Reference Guide, Version 2012 (Unable to find the precise location of Rio Caraipé; instead georeferenced to 20 km. along BR-422 (Tucuruí-Novo Repartimento road) in município Tucuruí, in accordance with other locality descriptions. Using Google Maps - Satellite View, located the beginning of road BR-422, where Av. Raimundo Veridiano Cardoso turns into BR-422 at the approximate geographic center of the city of Tucuruí. Starting at this location (beginning of road BR-422), used Distance Measurement Tool (Google Maps) to measure approximately 20 km. (20.0006 km.) south along this road toward Novo Repartimento. Used Canadensys Lat/Long Crosshairs to find the coordinates at this offset along BR-422. Used Distance Measurement Tool (Google Maps) again to measure the approximate linear extent of the city of Tucuruí (the starting location). Input coordinates, linear extent (12326.9 m.), measurement error (.1 m.), and distance precision (100 m.) into the MaNIS Georeferencing Calculator to find the uncertainty radius.)
Coordinate Uncertainty(m): 12378.6
Geodetic Datum: WGS84
Coordinates: (-3.94147, -49.6933)

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