Specimen Details: Epigaea repens L.
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Title: v-261-01191120-01.jpg
Filed As:
Epigaea repens L.
All Determinations:
Epigaea repens L. det. D. E. Atha, 2015

Epigaea repens L. det. J. L. Luteyn, 1982

Epigaea repens L.

United States of America. New York. Bronx Co. East bank of the Bronx River near Fordham. New York Zoological Park.
E. G. Britton s.n., 05 Apr 1924
Phenology of specimen: Flower.
Collection Notes: Local Herbarium of the Torrey Botanical Club. Deposited in 1973 at the New York Botanical Garden
Specimen Notes: With included letter: "10 April 1924. Dear Mrs. Britton: Thank you very much for your letter and for your sucess in discovering arbutus in our circumpolar regions. Mr. Merkel was surprised and pleased and he is going to search out the last survivors and see what he can do to protect them. There are numerous practical difficulties in the way of fence protection. It will not do to attract attention to the plants because if we should do so, nothing but a steel-bar cage would be adequate to keep off the vandals. However, something must be done. That is clear. Barbed wire would be nice if it were not against the law and very fruitful of damage suits. Thank you gratefully for having found the plants and opening up the road to their preservation. Yours very sincerely, William T. Hornadat, Director, New York Zoological Society"
NY Barcode: 01191120
GUID: 754afe6b-d6af-44fa-a3f9-32af296427ee
Coordinates: (40.85, -73.8729)

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