Person Details: P. J. M. Maas
P. J. M. Maas ( Paulus J. M. Maas )
1939 –
Spermatophytes; Neotropical Annonaceae; Costaceae; Zingiberaceae
Author, Writer, Collector, Determiner
Netherlands, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Surinam, Venezuela, Panama, Columbia, Brazil, France, Spain, Yugoslavia, French Guiana, Germany, Dominican Republic
Determiner Notes: Annonaceae
Determiner Notes: Triuridaceae, Haemodoraceae, Zingiberaceae, Costaceae, Cannaceae, Annonaceae
Determiner Notes: dets of Gentianaceae
Collections: Numbers P12647-P13330 collected using G. T. Prance number series for PFA
Reference: Authors ofd Plant Names. 1992; Authors of Plant Names. 1992; Authors of Plant Names, 1992; S. Mori & C. Gracie database of French Guiana plants; Duguetia rionegrensis Zuilen & Maas; Duguetia subcordata Maas & Dam (NY 180644); Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 61: 21; Gentianaceae (achlorophyllous taxa); Heliconia nickeriensis, NY bar-code 320165.; Index Herbariorum - Collectors M; Maas det.; NY 26148; NY barcode #00039319; NY barcode 644194; NY Barcode Number 639070
Determiner Notes: OOM-45464
Determiner Notes: determination of a Gentianaceae
Botanical Collections
Paul and Hiltje Maas in 1993. Photo by S. A. Mori.
Paul Maas and Gert Hatschbach in 1992. Photo by S. A. Mori.