Person Details: H. N. Moldenke
H. N. Moldenke ( Harold N. Moldenke )
1909 – 1996
Spermatophytes; Bryophytes
Author, Determiner, Collector
Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Argentina, Honduras, United States of America, Delaware, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland
Collector Notes: New Jersey (1937): NY Florida (1927, 1930): NY Pennsylvania (19XX): NY Maryland (1924, 1925, 1932): NY He worked at NY for a long time; main set at NY
Reference: Arrabidaea bahiensis, NY barcode 411850; Authors of Plant Names. 1992; Authors of Plant Names. Combination: Conomorpha duidae; Clerodendrum aculeatum var. gracile Griseb. & Moldenke (NY 111237); Index Herbariorum - Collectors M; Lantana cifferiana Ekman & Moldenke (NY 99872); Mascagnia dissimilis, holotype NY bar-code 67652; NY barcode 102650, Eriocaulon paranense; NY barcode 103770, Aegiphila floribunda; NY barcode 103777, Aegiphila goeldiana; NY barcode 103864, Aloysia nahuire; NY barcode 103868, Aloysia casadensis; NY barcode 104018, Casselia glaziovii var. serrata; NY barcode 137735, Lippia arborea Pavon & Moldenke; NY barcode 408732; Enterolobium contortisiliquum
Botanical Collections