Person Details: E. S. Burgess
E. S. Burgess ( Edward S. Burgess )
19 Jan 1855 – 23 Feb 1928
Pteridophytes; Spermatophytes; Aster
Author, Determiner, Collector
United States of America, New York, Washington, DC, Massachusetts
Collector Notes: N. America (1892-1904) (e.g. Washington, D.C., 1889): GB, K, NY.
Collected in New York (1877-1899): NY

Graduate of State Normal School, Fredonia, NY; graduate of Hamilton College, NY in 1879. Taught at Delaware Literary Institute, Franklin, NY in 187901880; went to Johns Hopkins Univ., for graduate study in Greek in autumn, 1880-1882. Teacher (botany & natural history) at Central High School, Washington, DC, in 1882 (held job for 14 yrs). Interests in Botany & Anthropology (Indian lore Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts). Worked on Asters (Asteraceae), "Biotian Asters", PhD from Columbia Univeristy (1899), honorary Sc.D from Hamilton College (1904). His specimens of Aster were bequeathed to herb. NY, his Martha's Vineyard plants were given to Dukes County (Massachusetts) Historical Society, & his general herbarium went to Hunter College.. Was head of Dept. Biological Sciences for about 30 yrs.
These biographical notes extracted from obituary by M. A. Howe, 1928, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 55(7): 433-440.
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