Person Details: S. Watson
S. Watson ( Sereno Watson )
1826 – 1892
Euphorbiaceae; Pteridophytes; Spermatophytes; Bryophytes; Clarence King Expedition
Author, Collector
United States of America, Guatemala
Author Notes: See NY barcode 126381. Erysimum perenne, Munz 11901
Collector Notes: (col. 1885): F, FH, GH; United States: B, FH, FI, GH, K (r. 1879-91), MANCH, MW, NA, NY, OKLAa, US, YU. Clarence King expedition (1869): NY
Author Notes: see NYpc 33699
Author Notes: See also NY ID # 50855
Reference: Authors of Plant Names. 1992; Brahea edulis, Isotype NY bar-code 67332; Fimbristylis ciliatifolia, NY barcode 623001; holotype of Trifolium beckwithii; Index Kewensis (CD-ROM) listing for Rhus integrifolia; IPNI database; Rumex paucifolius Nutt. ex S. Watson; Missouri Botanical Garden, Tropicos Index: Astragalus casei A. Gray ex Brewer & S. Watson; NY bar code 281480 Eriogonum kennedyi var. purpusii; NY barcode 342198, Claytonia megarhiza; NY barcodes 172640, Arabis pulchra
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