Meet the Team

Staff Position Contact
Dr. Barbara Thiers Director of the Herbarium
Lisa Fruscella Secretary
Nicole Tarnowsky Assistant Director of the Herbarium
Dr. Matthew Pace Assistant Curator
Laura Briscoe Collections Manager for the Cryptogamic Herbarium
Amy Weiss Collections Manager
Charles Zimmerman Herbarium Collections and Outreach Administrator
Melissa Tulig Director of Biodiversity Information Management
Kim Watson Herbarium Digital Asset Manager
Joel Ramirez Web Developer for Biodiversity Information Management
Elizabeth Kiernan Geographic Information Manager
Edgardo Rivera Senior Curatorial Assistant
Leanna McMillin Curatorial Assistant
Lisa Vargues Curatorial Assistant
Ginger Apolo Curatorial Assistant
Sarah Dutton Project Coordinator
Lin Li Projet Coordinator
Regina Vitiello Project Coordinator
Natasza Fontaine Project Assistant
Lucy Klebieko Shipping Supervisor
Sheranza Alli Specimen Mounter
Joan Gelber Specimen Mounter
Laura Meyer Specimen Mounter
Catherine Ahn Specimen Mounter
Ana Maria Ruiz Research Assistant
Erika Yasumaru Herbarium Assistant
John Burke Herbarium Intern
Kiley Dalrymple Herbarium Intern
Alice Fornari Herbarium Intern
Marisa Rankin Herbarium Intern