The following list gives the species of neotropical Ericaceae that have been known to be cultivated at various botanical gardens around the world. Note that this list does not represent the institution’s current holdings and that not all the plant identifications have been verified.
The following is a list of the acronyms used: ABG =Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; ACAD =Acadia University, Wolfsville, Nova Scotia, Canada; BONN =Botanischer Garten der Universität Bonn, Germany; CGE =Cambridge University Botanic Garden, England, UK; E =Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK; HBA =Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam, The Netherlands; HEID =Heidelberg University Botanical Garden, Heidelberg, Germany; K =Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England, UK; MO =Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, Missouri, USA; NCSC =Horticultural Science Department, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; NY =The New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, New York, USA; QCA =Department of Biology, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Quito, Ecuador; SCHN =Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts, USA; SEL =The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota, Florida, USA; U =Institute of Systematic Botany, State University of Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands; UC =University of California, Santa Barbara, California, USA.

Agarista coriifolia var. coriifolia: E
Agarista mexicana var. mexicana: K
Agarista oleifolia var. glabra: E

Anthopterus cuneatus: ABG, NY
Anthopterus schultzeae: ABG, NCSC, NY
Anthopterus wardii: ABG, E, NCSC, NY, UC

Arbutus xalapensis: E, MO
Arctostaphylos pungens: E

Bejaria aestuans: ABG, E, NCSC
Bejaria resinosa: NCSC

Cavendishia allenii: HEID, NY
Cavendishia axillaris: ABG, NY
Cavendishia bracteata: ABG, CGE, E, HBA, NCSC, NY, SCHN
Cavendishia cuatrecasasii: ABG, NCSC, NY
Cavendishia complectens var. complectens: E
Cavendishia complectens var. striata: ABG, NCSC, NY
Cavendishia endresii: ACAD
Cavendishia grandifolia: ABG, NY
Cavendishia isernii var. isernii: ABG, NCSC, NY
Cavendishia lebroniae: ABG, NY
Cavendishia micayensis: ABG, NCSC, NY
Cavendishia pubescens: E
Cavendishia tarapotana var. tarapotana: ABG, E, NY
Cavendishia tarapotana var. gilgiana: ABG, NY
Cavendishia venosa: ABG, NY

Ceratostema callistum: HEID
Ceratostema charianthum: E
Ceratostema cf. ferreyrae: E
Ceratostema lanigerum: ABG, NCSC
Ceratostema loranthiflorum: E, NY
Ceratostema rauhii: ABG, BONN, HEID, NY
Ceratostema reginaldii: ABG, NCSC, NY
Ceratostema silvicola: ABG, NCSC, NY

Comarostaphylis discolor: E

Demosthenesia mandonii: E

Diogenesia amplectens: E, NY
Diogenesia tetrandra: E

Disterigma alaternoides: E, NY
Disterigma codonanthum: E
Disterigma leucanthum: E
Disterigma rimbachii: ABG, NCSC, NY

Gaultheria acuminata: E
Gaultheria amoena: K
Gaultheria buxifolia var. buxifolia: E
Gaultheria erecta: E, K (as Gaultheria trichocalycina)
Gaultheria eriophylla: E, K, NY
Gaultheria foliolosa: E
Gaultheria glomerata: E, K (as Gaultheria brachybotrys)
Gaultheria gracilis: E
Gaultheria insipida: E
Gaultheria reticulata: E
Gaultheria rigida: E

Gaylussacia densa: E
Gaylussacia incana: E
Gaylussacia reticulata: E

Gonocalyx portoricensis: NY, SCHN
Gonocalyx smilacifolius: E
Gonocalyx tetrapterus: NY

Ledothamnus guyanensis: BONN

Macleania bullata: ABG, NCSC, NY
Macleania coccoloboides: ABG, E, NCSC, NY, QCA
Macleania cordifolia: ABG, CGE, HEID, NY
Macleania ericae: ABG, E, NCSC, NY
Macleania floribunda: ABG, E, NCSC, NY
Macleania hirtiflora: NCSC
Macleania insignis: ABG, BONN, E, NY, SEL
Macleania loeseneriana: NCSC
Macleania pentaptera: ABG, E, NCSC, NY
Macleania rotundifolia: ABG, NCSC, SEL
Macleania rupestris: ACAD, E, MO, NCSC, NY
Macleania salapa: E
Macleania stricta: ABG, NCSC, NY

Orthaea apophysata: ACAD, E
Orthaea venamensis: E

Pernettya howellii: E
Pernettya hirta: E
Pernettya marginata: E
Pernettya prostrata: E, K (as Gaultheria ciliata), NCSC, NY
Pernettya pumila: HBA

Psammisia amazonica: E
Psammisia dolichopoda: ABG, NY
Psammisia ecuadorensis: ABG, NCSC
Psammisia ferruginea: ABG, NY
Psammisia guianensis: E
Psammisia pauciflora: ABG, NY
Psammisia sodiroi: ABG, E, NY
Psammisia ulbrichiana: ABG, E, NCSC, NY
Psammisia urichiana: ACAD

Satyria boliviensis: NY
Satyria panurensis: E, NY, SCHN
Satyria warszewiczii: E

Sphyrospermum buxifolium: ACAD, E, HEID, U
Sphyrospermum campanulatum: E
Sphyrospermum cordifolium: ACAD, E, NY
Sphyrospermum ellipticum: NY
Sphyrospermum roraimae (=S. buxifolium): U
Sphyrospermum sodiroi: E

Themistoclesia alata: ABG, NY

Thibaudia andrei: ABG, NY
Thibaudia biflora: E
Thibaudia aff. costaricensis: E
Thibaudia floribunda: HBA
Thibaudia nutans: ABG (?), BONN
Thibaudia retusifolia: E (died sometime after 1984)

Vaccinium confertum: E, NY
Vaccinium consanguineum: ACAD, E, NY, UC
Vaccinium crenatum: E, NCSC
Vaccinium floribundum: E, NCSC
Vaccinium latifolium: ACAD
Vaccinium meridionale: ACAD
Vaccinium poasanum: ACAD, E
Vaccinium racemosum (=Symphysia guadalupensis): ACAD