Monographs Details:

Popenoe, Wilson. 1924. Economic fruit-bearing plants of Ecuador. Contr. U. S. Natl. Herb. 24: i-ix, 101-134. pl. 34-49.


Description - This species, of very little economic importance, is a slender, somewhat wiry shrub, reaching a maximum height of 3 meters. Its leaves are thick and stiff, elliptic to broadly elliptic, entire, and about 2.5 cm. long. The bright crimson flowers, which are 4 cm. in length, are borne in small terminal clusters, and are followed by light red, globose fruits, longitudinally 5-ribbed and about a centimeter in length. These are soft and juicy, and contain a number of minute seeds; in flavor they are thought to suggest the pear, whence the common name usually applied to them.

Common Names:

pera silvestre, manzanilla