Herbarium Curation & Digitization Projects

Herbarium curation and digitization projects have been funded over the years through a series of government and private sources. Each grant supported staff and resources to integrate new collections into the herbarium or digitize large portions of the collection.

In 2010, The National Science Foundation began the Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections (ADBC) program. This initiative funds all types of natural history collections around the United States to digitize their collections. The New York Botanical Garden is currently involved in a number of these projects, called Thematic Collections Networks (TCNs), that are designed to fund multiple institutions to digitize collections that could be used to answer important research questions.

2015: New England Vascular Plants

Partnership to the Existing New England Vascular Plant Network for Collections at the New York Botanical Garden
NSF Award #1502452

2015: Microfungi Collections Consortium

Digitization TCN: Collaborative: The Microfungi Collections Consortium: A Networked Approach to Digitizing Small Fungi with Large Impacts on the Function and Health of Ecosystems
NSF Award #1502699

2014: Great Lakes Aquatic Invasives

Documenting the Occurrence through Space and Time of Aquatic Non-indigenous Fish, Mollusks, Algae, and Plants Threatening North America's Great Lakes
NSF Award #1408974

2014: Expansion of the algae, fungi and palm collections

CSBR: Natural History: Expansion of the New York Botanical Garden Herbarium to Incorporate Newly Acquired Specimens and Improve Curation
NSF Award #1348920

2013: Macroalgae Herbarium Consortium

The Macroalgal Herbarium Consortium: Accessing 150 Years of Specimen Data to Understand Changes in the Marine/Aquatic Environment
NSF Award #1304933

2012: Macrofungi Collections Consortium

The Macrofungi Collection Consortium: Unlocking a Biodiversity Resource for Understanding Biotec Interactions, Nutrient Cycling and Human Affairs
NSF Award #1206197

2011: Lichens, Bryophytes and Climate Change

North American Lichens and Bryophytes - Sensitive Indicators of Environmental Quality and Change
NSF Award #1115086

2012: Amazon Dimensions

Dimensions US-BIOTA-Sao Paulo: Assembly and evolution of the Amazonian biota and its environment: an integrated approach
NSF Award #1241127

2011: Tri-Trophic

Plants, Herbivores, and Parasitoids: A Model System for the Study of Tri-trophic Associations
NSF Award #1115104

Past Digitization Projects

These projects have been completed and all digitized specimen records are available via the Virtual Herbarium.

2011: Caribbean

Digitization of Caribbean Plants and Fungi in The New York Botanical Garden Herbarium
NSF Award #1053290

2010: Barneby Legume Catalog

Catalogue of legume specimens in The New York Botanical Garden Herbarium, Part 2: The Barneby Digital Monograph and Specimen Catalogue
NSF Award #0955567. The Barneby Legume Catalog combined digitization of both herbarium specimens and species descriptions from Barneby's extensive monographs.

2010: Kohlmeyer Marine Fungi

Incorporation of the Kohlmeyer Herbarium of Marine Fungi into the William and LYnda Steere Herbarium. Funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services Award MA-05-0504-10.

2008: Species of the Brazilian Amazon

Collaborative Digitization of New York Botanical Garden Herbarium Specimens from Amazonian Brazil
NSF Award #0749751

2006: Species of the Brazilian Planalto

Catalogue of Vascular Plant Specimens from Brazil, Part 2: Central and Northeastern States
NSF Award #0543335

2006: Global Plants Initiative

An international project to digitize all type specimens from herbaria around the world. Funded by the Mellon Foundation.

2000: Species of Eastern Brazil

A Catalogue of Vascular Plant Specimens from Eastern Brazil: a Tool for Conservation and Brazilian Floristics
NSF Award #9987500

2004: Macrofungi Types

New York Botanical Garden Type Specimen Catalog: Macrofungi
NSF Award #0346293

2004: Rapid Digitization

Collaborative Research: Rapid Digital Specimen Image and Data Capture: A Web Services Solution
NSF Award #0345225

2001: American Bryophyte Catalog

The New York Botanical Garden American Bryophyte Catalog. Phase II. Central America, Mexico, and the West Indies
NSF Award #0096595

2000: Tulane

Incorporation of the Tulane University Fungus Collection into the New York Botanical Garden Herbarium
NSF Award #9987371

1999: North American Bryophytes: Phase II

The New York Botanical Garden North American Bryophyte Catalog, Phase II. The Mosses of the Contiguous United States
NSF Award #9876747

1999: North American Bryophytes

Development of a Catalogue of North American Bryophytes at the New York Botanical Garden
NSF Award #9987371