Specimen Loans

Sharing the data conserved in The New York Botanical Garden Herbarium has been central to our mission since the founding of the institution. To this end, we offer loans of both our physical specimens, or the digital version of the specimens by electronic loan.

Requesting a Loan

To request a loan from The William and Lynda Steere Herbarium New York Botanical Garden, please submit a request via email to the Director of the Herbarium, Dr. Barbara M. Thiers (bthiers@nybg.org) or the Assistant Curator of the Herbarium, Dr. Matthew C. Pace (mpace@nybg.org).

Please include the following in your request:

1. Type of loan: Physical or electronic loan

2. Professional affiliation of borrower: Physical loans are made only to herbaria that are listed in Index Herbariorum. Give the name of the person who is going to study the specimens, their status (staff member, student, or visitor) and in the case of graduate students, the name of the supervisor for the student.

3. Provide a brief description of your research, and the importance of including NY specimens.

4. List full binomials of all requested taxa (including synonyms; not clade, section, etc.). They should be arranged in one alphabetical sequence irrespective of synonymy.

*Restricted taxa: Check for those listed on CITES Appendices or on the Federal Noxious Weeds list. These specimens (incl. parts and products, e.g. DNA extracts) may be used only for scientific study (not for commercial purposes) and may be transported internationally only between institutions registered with CITES.*

5. Geographic area from which you want specimens

Standard loans are granted for one year; extensions are possible on request. Loans may be recalled at our discretion and must not be transferred to another herbarium without our written permission.

Please keep in mind:

Electronic Loans

If a digital image of a specimen will work for your research, please request an eloan.

When the requested specimens have been digitized, the borrower will receive an email notifying him/her that the specimens are available for viewing or download.

If you have requested an eloan and have an eloan number, you can find your specimens via the Electronic Loans search page.

Physical Specimen Loans

Shipping invoices will be sent separately when the loan is mailed. When the loan is received, the contents should be verified, and the acknowledgement copy of the invoice returned immediately.

Destructive Sampling Policy

The New York Botanical Garden Herbarium allows destructive sampling of its herbarium specimens only in support of studies of systematic botany. Material may not be removed from specimens without prior written consent of the Assistant Curator of the Herbarium, Dr. Matthew Pace (mpace@nybg.org). NY staff members will not destructively sample specimens for non-NY researchers.

Samples are not provided for research with potential commercial applications. The New York Botanical Garden Herbarium reserves the right to refuse to provide samples from the herbarium specimens in its care for any reason.

Returning the Loan

When the loan is ready to be returned, please place specimens in the original folders, and bundle and pack with the material sent with the loan. Please verify the count, and be sure that annotation labels are secured to each specimen. Return a copy of the invoice indicating the date that the return shipment was mailed.