The New York Botanical Garden's Glossary for Vascular Plants

The purpose of this botanical glossary is to provide definitions of the terminology used in the descriptions and keys of web sites at The New York Botanical Garden. If you are not able to find a term using the search box, try the alphabetical List of Terms or search for the term in the categories listed in the left hand panel. Please report errors and suggestions to the first author (

The authors are grateful to the Blue Moon Fund, Christopher Davidson and Sharon Christoph, and Hazel Tuttle for their support of this project, to Carol Gracie, Bobbi Angell, and Manisha Sashital for providing images to illustrate some of the terms, and to Carol Carollo for her assistance with this project. We also thank Tom Zanoni for reviewing the entire glossary and making many useful suggestions for its improvement.

Specialized Glossaries : Lecythidaceae

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